Women's Empowerment

Slice of Hope: St. Louis, MO

On Tuesday, 90 St. Louisians gathered to celebrate this year’s success and learn more about our plans for 2018.  Every member of The Women’s Bakery family is special and on Tuesday we had the opportunity to offer our thanks to a group of individuals who have supported our work since it was a mere idea.   

Rwanda: A Land of a Thousand Women

During my visit, I realized many other women like them come from all over the world and are determined to stay and work in Rwanda, rather than enjoy the more comfortable life in their own countries. Together they are creating values; they are making this country a better place. I admired their courage, faith and power.

Barriers to Accessing Healthcare in Rwanda

This year, a total of eight women, four husbands, and thirty children will be registered for national healthcare. Thank you to all of our supporters who believe it what we do, the women we work with, and the families and communities they support. We couldn’t do it without you.