Happiness Through Bread

Written by Francoise Umutoniwase, Marketing Intern in Kigali

At The Women’s Bakery, a byproduct of our work that I have seen is a word that though commonly used, still holds a lot of meaning.


Happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

How, you may ask, does TWB’s work enable this?

I’m delighted to share.

First, we make bread with local ingredients. There is no need to import raw materials. Because of this, we are creating a product that suppliers and customers alike are pleased with – it is locally sourced, and locally supplied. This generates a greater interest in what we do – ultimately spreading more and more #breadpower.

Second, we make highly nutritious bread (different from what is typically offered on the market) whereby the communities in which we work are excited (and interested) to consume our products. Often, I have seen many of our consumers become more enthused as we have developed more unique products. An example of this has been when we first introduced pretzels to our product line – our customers loved them and it became something for them to look forward to.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, our work environment exudes a culture of happiness. In integrating education, health, and employment together, we are able to work with a powerful group of women who are earning an income to make an impact in their life. Thus, our bakery is more than just a bakery – it’s a place where women come and do good, powerful work.

It’s not easy every day. The work can be difficult and the challenges that our women face are complex and real.

However, the commitment we have is the strength of The Women’s Bakery.

This generates bread power, where bread can effect positive changes in the lives of many. I see happiness in many of the aspects of our work – even with the challenges – and that continues to motivate me each and every day.

Together we rise.