Globally, women lack education, stable income and proper nutrition.

bakeries provide access to all three.

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here's how we do it



We partner with organizations and independent groups of women who show potential to operate successful bakeries. 
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All of a bakery's resources, from ingredients to infrastructure, come from its own community.



As women train to operate bakeries, they also learn basic skills like math and budgeting. For the many women who only had a few years of schooling, this training is invaluable.



Today is the day! When a bakery opens, its community celebrates access to affordable, nutritious breads!



Our team continues to work on-site with women as the bakery grows, providing additional training and infrastructure support. 



Women are earning money

People are healthier

Education is improving

It's growing

We need you. There are so many ways you can help.




We partner both with organizations and independent groups of women →



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because we can't do it without you (honest).