"If You Look, You Will Go Far"

If you look far you will go far”

As a woman who has experienced empowerment myself, working with women who need to be empowered is my dream. The opportunity to work with The Women’s Bakery in Rwanda has been truly incredible, and I am able to take part in my dream job..

In the course of working as the Bakery Operations Manager at the TWB bakery in Remera, Kigali, I have been questioning how I could contribute more to grow the ability of TWB women.

One day, when we were in a meeting, I came up with an idea. I asked the women what they thought of taking 200 FRW ($0.26) per woman out of their daily salaries for savings.

They said, “That’s a good idea, why not let’s do it!”

They have already started to save money, which will help them to pay for Mutuelle, the national health insurance, for next year (TWB has already ensured the women all have health insurance for themselves and their families for the current year) and which can also help them to grow their business in the coming year.

This process to create a savings plan is one of my most valued experiences from the past eight months with TWB. On the part of the women, they have improved life for their families, they feel independent, and their new skill sets are evidence of good future prospects.

Many women have a dream of seeing their bakery grow and to eventually be well-known everywhere. I am excited to be part of TWB Rwanda and I will keep learning a lot about our great work, and learn more in my position as Bakery Operations Manager to further grow the Remera Bakery.

Our women are so committed - let's give them our hands, and together we will rise.