Together We Rise

Building the Plane

We are truly the experts in the nitty gritty. We are the pilots who never lack the investment or zeal to see the manufacturing of this beast through. We bust through barriers on a daily basis as we seek to build around the details that unfold. We adapt, innovate, and lead together

TWB Rwanda's 2nd Annual Team Retreat

The main purpose of the retreat was to review how 2017 went what we want 2018 to look like. This was achieved through presentations on organizational culture, alignment, project reports, and updates on marketing plans, curriculum updates, and model adaptations.  

How to Exist in Ambiguity – and Make It Work

We, as a team have to boldly move forward in spaces that we don’t always have the answers for. We have to try new ways to deliver business education and in turn, new ways to run our ownership model for these businesses.

Global Health Corps Fellowship with TWB

Now, as Nutrition Coordinator for The Women’s Bakery, I am working on nutrition and health programming at bakeries in Kigali and beyond. I am so enthusiastic to see the impact The Women’s Bakery is having in the communities of which we work.

TWB's Pilot Campus Chapter

Alayna Davis, TWB A&M President, shares about TWB's pilot campus chapter at Texas A&M University. Starting off as a small group of officers, brainstorming what a TWB campus chapter would look like, TWB A&M is now a thriving organization with over 40 members who love and believe in The Women’s Bakery’s mission and vision!