The Best Solution Against Malnutrition in East Africa

Written by: Charlotte Musengimana, current TWB Bakery Operations Manager Intern

Have you ever meet with a child who is affected by malnutrition disease?

If yes, how did you feel? If no, what could you do to avoid it?

Some children in Africa, and specifically, Rwanda, are poorly fed because they are not consuming foods that provide the proper nutrients for growing. This is a serious problem as malnutrition can lead to serious effects for children, and especially as they become adults.

Good news!

The Women’s Bakery (TWB) is coming throughout East Africa as a social change maker to train and empower women how to source local ingredients FOR healthier, more nutritious products.

Women that go through the TWB training program receive knowledge to bake the best nutritious bread for their family and serve it to the community for an affordable price.

In this work, TWB is hoping to improve the standards of life for the women we work with, and eventually, for those whom consume our bread.

To prevent malnutrition in Africa, lets gather together with this opportunity from TWB by supporting these women who are the backbone of their families.

There are so many ways to support: through buying at least one piece of bread every day, or through supporting our programs so we can do this work.

 Enjoy life with healthy bread!