Piloting TWB in the Refugee Community

In our pilot program with the Denver-based refugee resettlement agency, African Community Center, TWB trained the small women’s group for 2 hours each week. Recipe reading, budgeting, practical baking skills, nutrition education, and tips for grocery shopping in the US are some topics we included in this new program.

Third Time's A Charm

On Tuesday our Training Facilitators, Aime and Denyse, rolled (no pun intended) into training at the Togetherness Co-op in Ndera, Gasabo District (about 45 minutes outside Kigali). Thanks to the sponsorship of our hiring partner African Road, 12 women and 4 men will be trained over the next few months. This marks our third official training in Rwanda!

Together, women and men, we rise.

When women and men are able to work side by side in a bakery, equality begins to take shape. Women – and men- are equally capable in kneading dough, in marketing products, and in tracking inventory. Identifying areas of gender inequity and previous assumptions based on gender, TWB actively is seeking to empower women – which in turn, empowers us all.