Third Time's A Charm

On Tuesday our Training Facilitators, Aime and Denyse, rolled (no pun intended) into training at the Togetherness Co-op in Ndera, Gasabo District (about 45 minutes outside Kigali). Thanks to the sponsorship of our hiring partner African Road, 12 women and 4 men will be trained over the next few months. This marks our third official training in Rwanda!

Over the last year our team has developed a thorough, practical, and fun curriculum for groups. Through our training, Aime and Denyse are inspiring students to be active participants in creating economic opportunity for themselves and their families.

TWB’s complete training package is 153 hours and includes personal development, women’s empowerment, marketing, sales, nutrition, hygiene, accounting, inventory, baking practical lessons and much more! We work with each hiring partner to choose the appropriate lessons and timeline for their group.

In Remera (1st training) we delivered the full 153 hours. In Bumba (2nd training) we delivered 78 hours. And, in Ndera (3rd training) we will deliver 123 hours. Some of the factors that help determine the training schedule include past business training, overall baking experience, levels of education, and available time.

Creating a training schedule can sometimes be a challenge as many participants are primary caretakers in their home and have many responsibilities. Depending on the group, we plan to conduct training 2-4 days per week between 4-8 hours a day. The more condensed the training program, the more cost effective it is. In the case of Ndera, will be training 4 days per week, 7 hours a day. Participants are scheduled to graduate from our program and enter into business launch by the end of January.

We look forward to the next few months!