TWB: A Life-Long School

“If you want to stop learning, stop living.”

Being a part of TWB is not only a family to me, but a life long school; a chance to understand how micro-business is the engine of development, and opportunity for me to contribute to a bright future for our women. I am living a dream with TWB.

TWB is enabling women entrepreneurship and awakening their ability to stay self-dependent in terms of finance and healthy nutrition. My dream has always been about contributing to the economy of my country by empowering society through a bottom-up approach. 

In June, we traveled to Tanzania to visit the women of TWB in Tanzania. This was a chance for me to learn more about TWB’s work outside of Rwanda. The initial training in Tanzania involved women already working in a large soy cooperative. These women wanted to add more value to their soy products and TWB was the solution - soy bread! 

They produce soy milk and then use the milk to make better breads and increase awareness in the community to attract clients. My take away was that, although TWB-Rwanda has launched a new bakery in Remera where our women works six days a week, it is not enough. Soon we will need to grow, and I know that we have a great example with good mentors in Tanzania.

In six months of my internship, I learnt a lot not just about bread and cake, but more about administration, teamwork, and finance, and I believe there is still more to learn, which will help me to make my contribution to bring TWB. I am very excited to be part of TWB-Rwanda and I am hoping to keep learning a lot about our great work.