franchise expansion

The Women’s Bakery model was developed to be relevant globally, beyond the reach of our own team. These bakeries can be powered by any group of women, anywhere. In the fall of 2018, The Women’s Bakery put that idea to test with its first franchise.

We packaged our processes, systems, and brand for use of franchisors in Namayemba, Uganda, under the umbrella of local NGO, AsOne Ministries. AsOne is responsible for daily management of the bakery, while our team provides ongoing support and oversight. We were on-site in Namayemba for training prior to launch, so that the women were ready for full-scale operations.

Today, the bakery is operational and thriving. Bread power is rising.


Early september, 2018

In September, we began training nine women and one man from AsOne Ministries, in preparation for the full bakery launch in October.


We developed an expedited training for AsOne, since the partnership was our first formal franchise partnership. Thus, the training focused on production and sales skills with an emphasis on techniques and best practices that have worked well at our other bakeries.


The training included over 30 hours of baking practical time for the trainees to perfect kneading, shaping, weighing, sizing, and preparation for the oven.

Of course, during the training we are always open to lending the little ones a chance to bake, too!


Mid-september, 2018

After learning the basics of quick bread, trainees then move to the more complicated processes of yeast bread so that timing and dough formation are perfected aspects of the process.


Our honey glaze that we use on rolls and twists is popular in both Rwanda and Uganda, and sells quite well at the franchise, too.


AsOne ensured that bakery specifications, including an oven, were ready prior to training. A pivotal part of the franchise relationship is making sure that partners are able to create the business environment necessary for bakery operations.


Late september, 2018

Sylvia, pictured center, was a major part of leadership at the AsOne bakery. In August, she attended our Bakery Operations Manager training to prepare for her role at the new bakery. She leads the team in meeting production and sales goals, monitoring cash flows, and managing a team of bakers.


As training came to a close, the trainees had the chance to practice baking and selling in real-time. This helped develop an understanding of the markets and how to showcase the product to new customers.


By the end of training, all trainees demonstrated strong competencies in how to work inside the bakery and how to make delicious, nutritious products. Passing the post-test is the final step prior to graduation.


october 2018

They did it! In early October, ten trainees graduated from the program. The bakery was officially launched in Namayemba, Uganda.


Hilary and Sylvia were an important part of making the training and launch possible. Together, they refined and established important bakery systems.


It was a big day when Sweet Potato Rolls were introduced into the community. Already, they are in high demand.

This is bread power!