A new kind of graduate

Our Bakery Operations Manager Training model equips trainees to manage and operate future bakeries. Trainees learn every aspect of managing a bakery, including baking, inventory, production, sales, marketing, human resources, and accounting.

In August of 2018, The Women’s Bakery launched the second Bakery Operations Manager training, which covered 80+ hours of theoretical and practical education. We hosted five participants from across the our bakery network. 

This is the story of that class. This is bread power.

BOM Training II_3.jpg

August 2018

Bakery Operations Managers trainees learn all aspects of running a bakery. One of the most essential is record-keeping. Our trainees visited the Gicumbi Bakery to learn the processes in real-time.

BOM Training II_1.jpg

August 2018

For 20+ hours in the program, trainees learn essential baking techniques, including mixing, kneading and shaping the dough.

BOM Training II_10.jpg

august 2018

Not a minute went to waste—while baking, the the women studied and practiced alongside current bakers.

BOM Training II_4.jpg

august 2018

As in our regular training program, The Women’s Bakery measures training effectiveness by administering a pre- and post-test to gauge knowledge retention and skills improvement.

BOM Training II_2.jpg

august 2018

At the end of the program, all trainees passed the exam with over 90% accuracy, demonstrating a strong ability to learn and apply their knowledge to future managerial endeavors.

Hilary (second from right) and Aimé (far left) were a big part of the training program. Hilary helped design the curriculum, and Aimé delivered the training on-site.

BOM Training II_7.jpg

august 2018

Certificates are power. Our training program was accredited by the Workforce Development Authority in Rwanda in 2018.

We can’t wait to see what our Bakery Operations Manager graduates do next!