Communities Do Not Exist Alone

The Women’s Bakery does not exists on its own. What makes us strong is the communities that believe in our work and support our efforts around the world.

One group that has been particular enthusiastic is Westover School, the high school Markey and Meg attended.

This spring the Westover Squash and Swimming teams raised over $2,500 in T-shirt and baked goods sales for the organization. Thanks to the help of the Global Studies office the students educated and publicized the work of TWB.

Additionally, merchandise sale and alumnae donations came in during Westover’s Alumnae Weekend in the middle of May totaling close to $6,000!

Jovial, a senior and First Head of School at Westover, poses selling TWB goods in the Westover gym.

Also this spring the Mighty Oaks, a kindergarten class in Stratham, New Hampshire, raised $310.17 for TWB! The class of 19 students did fundraising as part of a unit on having the power to impact the world through actions big and small (the unit is called You Have the Power). Their teacher, Nancy Gitschier, remarked, “kindness is a big theme throughout the year in class, as we have a monthly kindness act for homework, we work on filling a kindness jar throughout the weeks, and teachers verbally honor kindness when we see it.”

The Might Oaks kindergarten class holds up their kindness jar.

It is the enthusiasm and support of the communities we are part of that make The Women’s Bakery possible.

We are so grateful for the support of Westover and the Might Oaks and all the endless donors and advocates of The Women’s Bakery. Together our teamwork supports a network of females (and males) that are creating opportunities for themselves and their families.

Thank you!