From Learners to Creative, Confident Professionals

Lately, every time I walk into the Remera Bakery I am overwhelmed—in the best way possible. I am overwhelmed by the delicious smell of baking bread. I am overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of bread. I am overwhelmed by the industriousness of the women. And, I am deeply impressed. Over the last couple of months in particular, the women have begun making new shapes and designs with the breads, hoping to capture the eyes of customers, and, knowingly or not, imbuing a piece of themselves in each piece of bread they hand craft.

This impresses me in several important ways. It speaks to the confidence these women now have in themselves. It speaks to the level of experience and comfortability they have as bakers—they are now truly professional bakers. Finally, it speaks to their creativity, and the fact that they are thinking outside of the box and trying things in ways they were not previously. In a culture that trends strongly towards tradition and uniformity, this new spark of creativity is surprising, inspiring, and refreshing.

I cannot sum up in words how much pride I have for these women. We have come such a long way over the last one and half years working, learning and growing together. I can’t wait to see where we go next!