The Power of Bread Gives Back Life to Women

The Women’s Bakery provides social and economic opportunities for women by training them to build, operate, manage and sustain businesses. This helps the Rwandese women to develop their living standards in all aspects.

As the Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, it is my job to check in with our women and understand their experience so we can better inform how we do what we do.

Recently, I had the opportunity of visiting the women who are working with at TWB's Remera branch. A large portion of the day was spent receiving feedback and insights from the women.

As a group, they are loving their time at TWB and notably, have been seeing the advantage of working as a team. On an individual level, most of the women shared that they used to eat once per day and they did not have a job, however, now they have jobs and are able to feed themselves and their families. Their kids are now in school and they feed them nutritious food, too.

One of our long-time TWB bakers noted that working at TWB has enabled her to, “pay for my rent and have hope for the better future.” Upon reflection, another baker shared that “we have people who always think about us…this encourages us to work hard for a better future.”

Lastly, one of the more telling anecdotal points from a TWB baker was that, “I love TWB they took me from tough situation someone like me who doesn’t know how to read and write but still give the opportunity to work with them…that shows me how much they value us.”

Indeed, the power of bread gives back life because it not only enables job and community nutrition, but the opportunities for improved livelihoods. That’s bread power.