Small, but Not Small

TWB breads are becoming well-known not only in Kigali, but also on the outskirts of the city reaching far into the West. Our brand is spreading everywhere in Rwanda!

The challenges we have been facing in rural areas are around marketing. Customers complain about the size of our breads as compared to the Amandazi and other breads on the market. People seem more interested in the size rather than the nutritional value.

However, our marketing and sales teams within the bakeries have been doing a great job to promote the unique and healthful attributes of our breads. The message the women are now sharing with the communities is, “our small buns seem small but rich in proteins, our muffins seem small but are highly nutritious”.

In one small muffin there is an average of 5g of protein and one small bun there is 3.5g of protein! Additionally, they have no added preservatives or chemicals.  Our breads are a source of energy and protein helps children grow. Because of this, we are certain that our breads are not as small as they seem, but strong and mighty.

Are you looking for TWB small buns, muffins, loaves, cookies, and other products? Please do pass by our Kigali bakery and bakeries outside the city in Ndera, Kagina, and Bumba!

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