Let’s invest in education for a bright future!

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.

The Women’s Bakery uses education as a tool to empower women and to help them to become active citizens in the community.

Through our training program, women get knowledge on how to start successful businesses, mostly by focusing on a bakeries. We have trained different women’s groups throughout Rwanda, including Rutsiro, Nyagatare, Remera and Gasabo.

One of the groups is called Togetherness Cooperative, and they are soon launching their bakery in Ndera Sector, about 30 minutes east of Kigali. Donathile, one of the trainees, said that she considers this training as a lifetime opportunity, and she believes this will help her to change her life status from being temporarily employed to a person with permanent employment.

She says“if you educate a woman it means you educate a whole community.” This week, TWB is demonstrating just that through Jeanne D’Arc, a graduate from the first TWB training group in Rwanda.

Jeanne D’Arc is now facilitating TWB in baking sessions and in marketing breads in the neighborhood community with the current Ndera trainee group. Though the bakery in Ndera has yet to open, many people are already coming to buy and taste the breads. Jeanne D’Arc is helping trainees to improve their sales pitches and boost-up their confidence in selling.  

This is a great achievement we have in TWB, we don’t have to look for someone outside of our network to teach these skills- women already trained are the ones who are teaching others.

Together we can go very far. We believe in women’s potential. Women can change the world.