Why Only Women?

It’s important why it matters and why The Women’s Bakery encourages an all-women’s  environment.

The best gift my parents ever gave was the opportunity to study at an all-girls' high school, the Westover School. Aside from the exceptional academics and inspiring women that surrounded me, I graduated with a brighter future as a more empowered young woman. I learned:

1)     The importance of collaboration;

2)     The power of self-confidence;

3)     The meaning of beautiful, long-lasting friendships.

During our last TWB training in Remera, I could see similar values being cultivated among the women. Athanasie, one of the women trained, articulated to us in Kinyarwanda, “I have learned a lot so far. I have met a lot of people. I have made many friends, before I was lonely.”

We often focus on the academic and business success of our education, but the intangible things such as friendships are just as important. Just like Westover, The Women’s Bakery provides an all-women’s environment that matters and fosters a collaborative work environment. I hope through this space we were able to help make each individual a stronger, happier, and more empowered woman. 

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