One month may change your life!

The Mama Dunia group of 17 women and 3 men successfully completed a one month intensive TWB training, which was held in Rutsiro District, Bumba Sector.  The trainees have enjoyed every single second of the training. One of the trainees Vestine Uwizeyimana said, “I didn’t believe that after only one month I could get all the skills and knowledge I have now, especially in baking. I am really grateful for The Women’s Bakery team who has brought this opportunity in Rutsiro.” 

The nutritious breads come as a solution to many people in Rutsiro community because research has shown that Rutsiro District is among the districts with the highest malnutrition in Rwanda. This training will not only be important to trained participants, but the entire community will also benefit from it. Besides getting training on how to make breads at the bakery and selling them, participants have even learned how to make bread at home by using ingredients, a pot, and their home cooking fire.

Seeing the Rutsiro group graduating this week made me feel excited-- I am looking forward to seeing them excelling in baking and selling many breads not only in Rutsiro but even different parts of Rwanda, and being able to pay for their health insurance and for their children’s school fees.  

- Denyse Uwineza