it starts with women

In East Africa, where nutrition, education and jobs are scarce, women's empowerment is crucial to improving community health, promoting education for future generations and sparking local economies. 

Women can change their lives and the lives of their families when they have access to a regular income. We believe that providing women with the opportunity to work in bakeries will increase their income allowing them to invest in education, health, and general livelihood for their families.


our priorities



While education is advertised as free through secondary school in Rwanda, students still have to pay for school fees, uniforms, and books. Girls are often the first to be withdrawn from school when a family faces financial pressure.



years of formal education is the average for each woman in our training program. 



Most women in our training programs don't have health insurance for themselves or their families. Malnutrition is a major challenge in East Africa, and knowledge of nutritional needs and preparing nutritious meals is limited. 

Even though health insurance is offered to all nationals on a sliding scale in Rwanda, the cost is still out of reach for women with low or no income at all. 



of women who begin
our training program don't
have health insurance. 



When women don't earn money, their community suffers, because less capital is present overall. More money in a community means more opportunity. 



is the average woman's monthly pre-training income (USD). 

In Rwanda, women who have limited levels of education and many responsibilities in the home are least likely to obtain formal, regular employment.


It matters to JD

She listened. She learned. She leads. 


Meet JD, who works at our Kigali bakery. Growing up, JD never had the opportunity to start primary school. During training, she couldn’t read our lessons or take notes. She just listened and followed the lead of her classmates. 

Undeterred, she learned. She is now our best seller in Kigali. What’s more, she is a trainer at our new bakeries, where she teaches other women, many like her, vital skills.