We have six bakeries in operation today—four in Rwanda, two in Tanzania, spanning rural and urban settings. We plan on opening a seventh in early 2018 in Gicumbi, Rwanda, a robust town with potential to sell to a large population and neighboring villages. Support our campaign for Gicumbi! →

For directions to any of these bakeries, email Hilary Hilsabeck for assistance. 

For contact information of our US and Rwanda headquarters, check out our Contact page. 



Kigali, rwanda

As our first official bakery in Rwanda, the Kigali bakery is about two years old. Ten women work at this bakery, and all have quadrupled their incomes.

Visit our flagship bakery page for directions and local order information. 




bumba, rwanda

Situated on top of a hill overlooking Lake Kivu in the Western Province, the Bumba bakery employs eight women, six days a week. This bakery is poised to attract community members and travelers alike with a wide variety of baked goods and prime location.




ndera, rwanda

About 30 minutes outside of Kigali, our Ndera bakery employs eight women six days a week. This rural bakery produces and sells about 1,200 pieces of bread a week. They also supply a nursery and a primary school with bread and run a small tea shop from the storefront. 



Kagina, rwanda

About 45 minutes outside of Kigali, our Kagina bakery is one of our newest and smallest bakeries, but it's growing fast! Currently six women work six days a week, selling approximately 1,200 pieces of bread per week to the local community and nearby schools. 


IMGP2455 (1).jpg


Bukoba, tanzania

Nestled in hills on the outskirts of Bukoba town, the Bukoba bakery was our first bakery in Tanzania, launched in the spring of 2015. Three women currently work at this bakery and sell breads to their nearby nursery school and the surrounding community.



kemondo, tanzania

This bakery is an independent spin-off bakery launched by a graduate of our Bukoba training, Sister Neera. This bakery employs three women and operates a few days a week, filling orders for specialty banana muffins in the Kemondo area.