We teach women how to make and sell nutritious, affordable breads and manage profitable bakeries in their communities. Our five-step model is scalable and adaptable, so that we can cater our work to fit the needs of each community we're in. 


partner with local women

We partner with organizations whose missions and visions align with ours. Our partners help us identify groups of women who have interest in starting a bakery, and they sponsor the group’s training, resources and ongoing support. 

We also partner with independent groups of women who aren’t affiliated with any organization—women who have heard about us through word of mouth, and who are motivated to open a bakery in their own communities. In these scenarios, our organization sponsors these groups' training, resources and support. 

Interested in partnering with us? We also offer consultions about existing bakeries. Inquire here. →



Because each community has its own unique climate, geography, population and access to resources, we tailor the characteristics of each bakery to be sure it will succeed. First and foremost, we identify locally available ingredients like flours, vegetables, fruits and nuts to use in recipes. 

We also connect with local farmers, craftspeople, property storeowners and leaders to develop our product, markets and infrastructure. This extends the benefits of a new bakery far beyond the women we train—an entire community is involved in raising a bakery from scratch. 


extensive training

We equip women with skills to launch and manage bakeries in their communities. Our training includes 150+ hours of theoretical and practical education. Trainings are delivered in the local language and are tailored to local needs and tastes. Women learn to source ingredients and to produce and sell breads in their communities. And because bakery infrastructure is built during training, graduates are able to work immediately after graduating.


bakery launch

This is what it’s all about! After partnering, sourcing and training, the women are ready to open the bakery for business. And because the community has been involved since the start, people are eager to try the affordable and nutrtitious breads their support helped create. 

During the launch phase, we have support staff in the bakery on a daily basis, helping the women define and adapt to workflows, bake and sell bread consistently, and manage the expenses and sales each day. 

We've launched six bakeries so far. →



After launch, we keep a Bakery Operations Manager onsite to help the bakery reach full sustainability. This staff member knows the women and understands their needs and goals, and supports them along the path to sustainable, gainful employment. 

We maintain ownership of the bakery during this time, so that women can continue developing their skills without taking on the financial risks of full ownership. 

Our ultimate goal is to transfer bakery equity to women working at these bakeries. Then, the women will have access to both sustainable, gainful employment, but also their bakery’s profits. 

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Because when women thrive, communities change.