our model  

We exist to create access to gainful employment for women and to sell nutritious, affordable breads through profitable bakeries in East Africa. Currently this is happening through three TWB owned and operated bakeries in Rwanda, and one franchised bakery in Uganda. Additionally, we have trained three other bakeries in East Africa which now operate independently.

We focus on getting the right women in place, and creating the right breads for the local community, so that each TWB bakery thrives long-term. Following are the key ingredients to our model.


1. Identify Strong Women

We recruit some of East Africa’s most vulnerable women who are motivated to provide for themselves, their family, and their community. The Women's Bakery sponsors these groups through training, bakery opening, and day-to-day operations through which they have access to life changing opportunities.


2. extensive training

We equip women with skills to launch and manage bakeries in their communities. Our training is Rwanda Workforce Development Authority (WDA) certified, offering 200+ hours of training, a certificate equivalent to a vocational degree in the US upon completion of training, and irrevocable skills a woman can take with her anywhere. And because bakery infrastructure is built during training, graduates are able to go to work immediately after graduating.


3. Make Quality Bread

Each of our bread products is sourced with locally available ingredients like flour, vegetables, fruits and nuts. These ingredients improve the nutrition of each bread product and supports the local economy, farmer, and the health of community members. Furthermore, creating access to affordable quality bread is a key ingredient to a community’s recipe for reducing food insecurity.


4. Operate a Good Business

After identifying and training strong women to bake quality bread, we are ready to open the bakery for business. Throughout the launch phase, and the course of bakeries’ operations, support staff is on sight daily helping bakers define and adapt workflows, establish baking and sales consistency, and manage daily expenses and sales.


You can help

Enterprise is a tool for positive, lasting social and economic change. Bakeries are the tool through which we do this.