Fresh Take Talk at IBIE

The Women’s Bakery is honored to be attending the Industrial Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) from September 7th-11th in Las Vegas. This exposition is an international experience that brings together baking industry professionals from the US and abroad and is filled with education on baking innovations, social media leveraging, and the future of food. It will also serve as a key networking event that will elevate our recipe at The Women’s Bakery.

The Grain Foods Foundation invited Markey Culver, CEO of The Women’s Bakery, to present a “Fresh Take Talk” on Monday, September 9th at 11:00 am. The talk will be located in booth #733 and is free to all IBIE attendees. Markey’s talk, titled “An Invitation To See Bread Differently” will highlight The Women’s Bakery steady conviction and purpose to provide space for women’s access to opportunity through the medium of nutritional bread and gainful employment. To learn more about the event and Markey’s Fresh Take Talk, please visit IBIE.

In preparation for the event, Markey sat down with Joanie Spencer of Baking & Snack, to share more about the story behind The Women’s Bakery. In the interview, Markey speaks about her time in Rwanda during the Peace Corps where she noted the demand for nutritious bread and the women’s innate proclivity to feed their families and to care for the next generation. Please click here to read the full interview.

The Women’s Bakery is excited to attend the IBIE conference to learn more about the baking industry, meet new professionals, and connect with compassionate donors. To join us on our journey at IBIE, please be sure to follow The Women’s Bakery @womensbakery on Twitter and Instagram