Social Justice. Everywhere. For All.

As I sit here thousands of miles away from a heightened need in the US, I remind myself that even though I am not there fighting the current battle on the ground, it does not diminish the overall battle I, and so many others, are fighting for social justice across the entire world. 

Piloting TWB in the Refugee Community

In our pilot program with the Denver-based refugee resettlement agency, African Community Center, TWB trained the small women’s group for 2 hours each week. Recipe reading, budgeting, practical baking skills, nutrition education, and tips for grocery shopping in the US are some topics we included in this new program.

Woman of the Week - Flavia

Connecting with various potential women's group around Rwanda brings to the limelight incredible, creative, and committed women. Meet Flavia, our newest connection to a potential cooperative group in the Eastern Province of the country.