Human Centered Approaches

“But knowledge we will not forget”

A few weeks ago, our senior staff members each took some time to answer the following question: What is the ideal state of the world that you are trying to achieve?

Not surprisingly, there were common themes throughout each of our answers. It turns out we really are a united front! Interestingly though, we all approached the same themes through our own unique lenses. One of us focused strongly on business to achieve our goals, one of us on human centered approaches, one of us on gender equity. Consistent in all of our ideals, however, was education.

“I view education as a catalyst for creating access to opportunity.”

“Education begins with unheard voices, shared stories, and grows into success upon the ownership of creative, new ideas.”

“If we are successful, we will be able to provide educational opportunities no matter an individual’s circumstances.”

“Education expands horizons, fosters understanding, and stimulates courage. Education is humanizing, and, because it is humanizing, education becomes an advocate for justice.”

 TWB focuses heavily on education because knowledge cannot be taken away; it can be endlessly passed on to others. In the words of one of our Tanzanian trainees, “If we had gotten money, we would have already used it, but knowledge we will not forget!” 

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