What does bread power mean?

What does bread power mean? For one TWB manager, it’s a way of life. Tessa Soni manages the bakeries in Gicubmi and Ruyenzi. Her commitment is inspirational, and also sheds light on why we must invest in women at all levels of the bakery. 

“The Women’s Bakery is more than a job for me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a place where I learn every day how to be a better leader, a better manager, but mostly a better person. There is something powerful in waking up every day genuinely fighting for a community of incredible women. As a program manager, I get to see women that came from the poorest regions in the country to turn into professional bakers, I get to help young, smart professionals turn into full blown managers and marketing experts and I find that extremely rewarding.” Tessa Soni

To invest in The Women’s Bakery is to invest in women leaders; it is to invest in the process of developing women into confident and capable community members who actively alter the trajectory of their lives; it is to invest in women’s empowerment.

Tessa is leading by example as she invests in the strong women baking bread, we in turn must invest her growth as a female manager in the baking industry. 

Bread power encompasses not only the strong women baking bread in Rwanda--bread power includes you, our supporter, and your unwavering devotion to women’s empowerment. Your gifts provide a valuable lift and with that lift, we all rise. 

Thank you for being a key ingredient.