The Future is Within Us

When I first heard about The Women’s Bakery as a Fellow with the Global Health Corps, I thought the program was all about baking and selling bread while also improving people’s lives. Yes, that is what TWB is doing, but there are also other things happening within TWB for our women, our community, and our country at large.

TWB creates opportunities in life for the women in Rwanda by giving them knowledge with skills that also does not require you to have high level of education. TWB also creates opportunity for the women whom they educate by employing women in community bakeries so steady incomes can be earned. Then, as bakers and sellers, the women create a market by selling their product. The product is created from the opportunity, knowledge, and skills gained during training and the business launch process.

This means a lot to us as Rwandans and especially as women. When a woman is able to build self-reliance, they can take good care of their family by feeding them nutritious foods, pay their rent in the house they live in, take their kids back to school, and pay school fees on their own.

What is a happy life and what is a mothers’ joy?

It is to see future in your family and see yourself taking them in a better place to be.

TWB women have learnt this: “to be a woman means to be strong enough to depend on you own most of the time.

The women fight but the good fight because they see trust and believe in a better future. I remind our women to: keep smiling, keep doing it, keep hoping for the best, keep struggling, keep working hard, keep being woman of power as people keep empowering you.

Live longer women, live longer TWB Women, live longer TWB Team. Keep supporting them they will reach far and very far.

Bread power it is real power.

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