Flashback to Memory Lane

Switching from wooden ovens to electric ovens at our Kigali Bakery was a game changer, but as a Rwandan proverb says, “If you don’t remember where you came from, you will never know where you are going.

Keeping our old wooden ovens was just an idea to use them for back-up when there is a black out or power shortage. Recently, we did lose power, and seeing the TWB women back to the old oven also called “The Agakecuru” ("the old lady") as the women call it, reminded us of the old memories TWB went through when we were only using the wooden oven.

This incident prompted me to reflect and also gave me a lot to appreciate for where we are now. This is also a marker, and for other bakeries that are starting from the beginning, they can see that growth is certainly possible. 

Remembering how far we have come is a paramount value to hold onto as our journey toward success continues. Now, we're building our brand even more and even launching a coffee shop!

Best yet, we're just getting started. 

Together we rise! Bread Power.