Education & Nutrition are the Keys to Life

The Women’s Bakery (TWB) is a social enterprise that empowers women through education and business. A key component of our work is providing opportunities for knowledge gain, especially around core topics like health and nutrition. However, advocating for nutrition opportunities within the home and the community is a process.

TWB first promotes nutrition by teaching women in Rwanda about the value of the using natural ingredients, such as carrot, pumpkin, and banana. Ultimately, these ingredients are sourced in our bread products so that the community-at-large can access them.

TWB also aims to address malnutrition through our Nutrition Extension Program, where women can receive additional trainings on specialty health topics, like breastfeeding or child development. TWB assesses the need for health education by conducting surveys and data follow-ups in the sites where we have worked. If there are gaps in knowledge, topics, or nutrition-specific issues, we can work to integrate those ideas into the curriculum.

Through reception of feedback we have been able to understand that whenever a woman is educated, then the whole family has the potential to receive this education, too.

The idea of a country without high rates of malnutrition is desirable for us and this is what we are constantly striving for.

We will keep on educating women so that families can be educated.  We will keep nutrition at the core of what we do so that through education and nutrition, healthy opportunities can abound.

That’s bread power.