A Proud Walk

As the women from TWB's Remera Bakery walked up the hill from our old location, I could not help but to notice the sense of pride among them. Walking together, I heard small whispering voices “we did it, way to go.

We all experience change in our lives and every time something positive happens in our lives we feel optimistic and hopeful. Small changes could be a pair of new shoes, a nice meal, a new make up set, or even a new batch of bread! However, when it comes to a start-up business, ALL positive change makes a difference - no matter how small it seems.

The Women's Bakery has been experiencing a number of positive changes, and this feels the biggest right now. Shifting the former bakery space to our new, beautiful flagship location has been a much anticipated solution, not only to the management of TWB, but also to the women that work at the TWB Bakery in Remera.

TWB has secured a new bakery space to expand production and capacity for our new flagship, The Women's Bakery Kigali. This is a big step for growth and one of great excitement as we consider the new possibilities for operational growth as the way to bakery profitability.

The walk from the former bakery space (up the hill) to the new flagship space took about 30 minutes. The metaphor of walking up was not lost on us, as it signaled where we have come from - and where we are going. 

The women arrived to the gate of the new flagship, curious to see what was inside, and where they would continue to bake, sell, and provide nutritious, affordable breads for the community. Once the gate was opened, they had the opportunity to look around, to check out the new space, and to envision the new future of The Women's Bakery. 

“ Then… now we are just getting started,” one of the women said as she reflected on how far TWB has come. Indeed, we are just getting started. 

This is #breadpower.