Bread & Made in Rwanda

Rwanda’s economy has been rising within the last decade, including an increase of 7% per year. Most dramatically the real GDP growth averaged at about 8% per annum.

As far as international trade is concerned, Rwanda has adopted the policy of promoting the “Made in Rwanda” business model whereby the country relies less on imports and exports to promote local entrepreneurs and source locally.

The Women’s Bakery’s work in Rwanda aligns with the economic priorities set forth by the country. Because we are enabling individuals to enter the workforce with skills and knowledge for product made for (and by) Rwandans, “Made in Rwanda” is at the center of our model.

TWB has bakeries in different parts of Rwanda whereby local products are being sourced to make nutritious bread. Carrots, bananas, groundnuts, and milk are among raw materials locally sourced for TWB’s bread product. In addition to sourcing supplies from Rwandan communities, TWB is able to create a micro-economy and generate income for the local farmers.

Most recently, in an ongoing international exhibition that is happening in Rwanda (EXPO Rwanda), TWB has a booth in the ‘Made in Rwanda’ area to showcase our innovations. Many people are excited to see how sweet potatoes can be sourced to make a nutritious muffin.

TWB will continue to do more research on the local ingredients and how we can make a better use them by adding value and generate money for the local producers and promote the Made in Rwanda model.

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