Who is Sandrine Umubyeyi?

Sandrine Umubyeyi, TWB’s newest intern, has joined our team in Kigali to lead and provide coaching in Bakery Operations to one of our bakeries near Kigali - “Togetherness Bakery”. This week, we sat down with Sandrine to learn more about her education, interests, hobbies and what excites her most about working with The Women’s Bakery.

TWB: How did you hear about The Women’s Bakery?

Sandrine: I heard about The Women’s Bakery from social media, specifically on the internet. I came to be interested in how this organization operates in the country, and also how it emphasizes the development and empowerment of a woman in Rwanda. I was encouraged to know more about the organization.

TWB: Tell us about yourself?

Sandrine: I’m Sandrine UMUBYEYI , I live in Rwanda and currently I’m a student at University of Kigali in the third year of pursuing my studies in finance, with all commitment to work and experiences with various business activities.

TWB: Tell us more about your educational background and what your dreams are for the future.

Sandrine: I studied economics in high school and continuously take business courses at university, which is very important for my future career -- I want to build a solid and lasting business relationship with the entire world.

TWB: What are your favorite hobbies?

Sandrine: I like travelling, art shows, shopping, and music.

TWB: What is your favorite food and drink?

Sandrine: I like to eat mixed salad and pizza with fresh milk. 

TWB: Have you had a lot of experience baking?

Sandrine: I don’t have much experience in the previous years with baking but I now get to see that it is very interesting and wonderful.

TWB: So far, what have you enjoyed most with TWB? What has been challenging?

Sandrine: I enjoy very much the teamwork, and the biggest challenge was the break down of the oven while bread needed to be baked.

TWB: According to you what is the potential of TWB in Rwanda?

Sandrine: TWB has a purpose to provide a full package to Rwandan women by making nutritious and local bread by also being creative and innovative.

TWB: Who are your biggest role models? Who motivates you the most?

Sandrine: My role models are my parents, as well as some leaders in politics like his excellence Paul KAGAME, the President of Rwanda and other successful people in Africa like Dangote from Nigeria.  The most motivational to me are the young entrepreneurs we have in Rwanda in different platforms like IT, and E-commerce.

TWB:Thank you very much Sandrine, we are very happy to have you on our team. We are looking forward to learning more from you. 

Sandrine: Thank you too for your kind attention, I can’t wait to see the great collaboration between us.

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