Growing Together

I have now worked for one year with The Women’s Bakery and it’s been a pleasure to work with this lovely team of professionals.

TWB is a good working environment where you can develop your skills and knowledge. As for me, I got to know many things through TWB. I would say for example, that I got management skills by working with different kinds of women with different personalities. This gave me knowledge in how to manage whatever comes my way.

Ever since I started working with TWB, I saw how TWB takes part in the growth of Rwanda by empowering women. So, I decided to develop my own working team spirit whereby whatever I think that can grow within TWB, I bring it to the table to be discussed. It is incredible that I may get to play my role in the growth of my country as well.

Travelling to different areas within the country and outside the country gave me an experience of how women work from all angles, not only Rwandan women but also women in varying backgrounds and environments. Visiting other sites and bakeries has been a big part of my job and it’s helped develop my skills in all aspects of my career and growth.

I am very glad to be part of TWB and will continue to think and do whatever it takes to make our organization grow faster. We are working to sustain profitable, successful bakeries and I am honored to do my part.