Working for Future Generations in Rwanda

“If you catch time sleeping, don’t hesitate to steal it” Rwandan Proverb

How one leads has a lot to do with how one communicates. In a hierarchical organization, the communication system is organized mostly vertically.

So is leadership, and this what makes a difference at TWB

We give access to nutritious and healthy snacks and create opportunity for baking and vocational education - especially for women and girls. This is important because even now, only 14% of girls complete secondary school in Rwanda. By developing alternative opportunties for education, we are instilling a new way to access autonomy and choice

Marginalized communities around the world must not become charity consumers of solutions imagined and created elsewhere, but be creators of knowledge and opportunities that they and others, own the process of, and use to address their community challenges.

We all will be richer if we partake in the diversity of human experience and wisdom across the globe, if we meet the challenge of reaching out and including all, if we will have a world where human beings will enjoy dignity, prosperity, equity, and justice.

TWB women are thoroughly empowered to ensure that we are on the right track to accomplish this mission. We have strong, educated, entrepreneurial women. We are not looking back, because that’s is not where we are going, nor are our women. We owe it to the next generations.

At some extent, one can ask, how far does TWB go in impacting lives? Just to the women they support?

Well, our work is beyond just the women, because they have families, and children that depend on their earnings from TWB for school fees, medical insurance, food, and beyond. The communities we work within are also impacted, as we are sparking micro-economies that rely on locally-sourced materials for locally-produced goods. 

In Rwanda, we also say, "in every seed, there is hope to grow a forest." I am grateful to be working with TWB and to grow this vision and work - together. 

Bread Power! Awouwou!