Leadership in the Community

A good leader is someone who influences people in positive ways.

Leaders should include everyone in decision making processes. I believe that higher education contributes to good leadership because it provides the kind of skills needed for developing respect, communication, and planning for communities. 

I wish and believe that in the future, the women that TWB have trained will have sufficient knowledge and skills to lead in their own communities. Part of the reason I enjoy my work with TWB is that in addition to enhancing local leadership capacity, I am able to also grow in my own leadership abilities. To promote leadership, TWB provides education in Goal Setting and Personal Growth, Teamwork, Customer Service and Communication, Decision Making, Work Safety, Right and Responsibilities at Work, Marketing Skills, and Financial Planning.

In my role with TWB, I have received more experiences focused on leadership growth than those I got from previous job experiences. I have been with TWB now for 10 months and because of the TWB women we work with, as well as TWB staff, I have been encouraged to learn new ways to lead different groups of people. 

Doors are opening for everyone now, and I look forward to my own personal leadership development in TWB as well as leadership growth among the bakeries with work with.

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