Music & Bread: Reflections on 'Bread Beats' in Boulder

Earlier this month, TWB partnered with Emily Scott Robinson to promote our work in the Boulder, Colorado area. Our team facilitated a benefit concert at Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, not far from the University of Colorado - Boulder campus. The evening provided a space to celebrate the achievements of TWB throughout the summer, and to also connect our work in East Africa to our supporters in the United States. Emily, an old friend of Markey Culver's from Furman College, willingly hosted the benefit concert because of her belief in women, education, and opportunity. 

Lorien Dancer, a JeffCo Open Secondary School student, has been interning with TWB as an advocate for our work at her school (since June 2016) and helped coordinate the fundraiser with Emily.

While reflecting on the evening, Lorien noted that, " of the major themes for this night was stories. Stories about The Women’s Bakery, stories about women, and stories that were created in the magical mind of the very talented musician, Emily Scott Robinson."

Lorien said, "there was a feel in the room of acceptance, warmth, joy and a comfort... Emily's voice was magical, her playing inspirational and her lyrics were like poetry. I can’t stop listening to her songs and I have no doubt that she and her music will go far!"

Indeed, it was a special night for everyone involved, and TWB would like to thank Emily, attendees, the Boulder community, and all the work of TWB interns & volunteers to make this work happen. The event involved other local artists (like Renee Saunders) and an opening show from Lindsay Kilpatrick, and so truly, it was a community effort. What better way to celebrate bread power?

Thank you all for being a part of our story - and for sharing it with others too. Let's continue to rise together!