Interning with TWB

"Finding an internship is always hard, and tiring especially to final year students. On one hand though, it is very rewarding when you find an internship with an organization that does what you are passionate about. TWB is enabling women in entrepreneurship and awakening their ability to stay self-dependent in terms of finance and healthy nutrition. This is what my dream has always been about, contributing to the economy of my country through enabling our society in the bottom-up system.  When I started my internship, I joined TWB where they give training to the women. I was interested to know how this works. On my first day at TWB we taught women how to do inventory, and also they practiced baking banana bread and carrot bread. It was very nice to meet them, see how happy they are with our classes and hear their different testimonies. I myself am also a student, and I am learning a lot about how to prepare and to bake delicious bread!

In just two weeks of my internship, I have already learnt a lot not just about bread, but a lot about administration, working in a team, and finance and I think, this is just a beginning. I am very excited to be part of the TWB team-Rwanda, and I am hoping to keep learning a lot about our great work. Thanks to Julie, Meg and Aimé!"

- Yvonne