Bake & Break

Last week Aime, TWB Rwanda Training Manager, had a conversation with a group of TWB women following the last session of training in Ndera, Rwanda before the holidays.

Aime asked some of the trainees about their holiday plans. One woman, Hillary responded, “I have so far learned how to bake yeast and banana breads, so I want to be baking them at home using our imbabura (local home cooking stove); I want to try this and feed my children with good breads.”

This is what at TWB we call transfer of knowledge.

Knowledge gained from TWB programs can be shared with relatives and friends through baking in our homes during the holiday festivities—for staff and trainees alike.

During the festivities of Christmas and the New Year 2017, TWB would like to wish you all a healthy life!

As many are enjoying this break with families and friends, one thing we would love to wish is that you break and bake nutritious breads.

This year has been filled with a lot of work and many successes for TWB. We are looking forward to an even greater year in 2017, and more baking throughout Rwanda.

As you are enjoying your break, don’t forget to bake as well.