The Power of Two

TWB is the idea of two. The two founders, Markey and Julie, started the company and conducted the very first trainings in both Tanzania and Rwanda, beginning in 2015. As the company grew and more organizations got interested in our services, there was a need to hire another training facilitator to help me execute our training package.

I have been the first facilitator to join and run TWB trainings in Kigali and outside of Kigali. In September 2016, Denyse was hired as a training facilitator to work closely with me. We trained together in Bumba for the months of September and October. This November, we started a new training in the outskirts of Kigali, in a neighborhood called Ndera.

It was a very smooth training in Bumba when Denyse and I were training together.  We would plan together, review the lessons together, and agree on who was teaching what, how and when.  During the actual training, one would be teaching while the other was circulating the classroom making sure the students were following the trainer’s instructions. Also, when the trainer forgot something, the other would remind them of it.

This is what I call the power of two.  When two people come together and work together great things can happen.

TWB is built on the spirit of working together as a team. Our team works together really well, and women beneficiaries work together in our respective bakeries because we believe in the power of two.

“Stronger together” -- Hillary Clinton, 2016