Healthy Bakers = Happy Bakers

In Rwanda, the national, comprehensive health insurance plan is called Mutuelle.

This plan allows families to access governmental health services at a free or reduced rate after they sign-up annually. The cost is 3,000 RWF (approximately $3.50) per person per year. However, individuals that are part of a family are required to sign-up the whole family at one time. So, for a family of six, the cost for one year of Mutuelle is 18,000 RWF (approximately $22.50). While this seems like an extremely affordable price, many families report making below 30,000 RWF (approximately $37) per month and have household expenses closer to 60,000 RWF (approximately $75) per month. This makes it just out of reach to save for and invest 18,000 RWF in Mutuelle yearly.

In Remera, Kigali part of the benefit package for the women working in the bakery is Mutuelle coverage for their whole families. Last week, women were provided funds to sign-up their families. For approximately $160, we were able to insure eight women and their families.

What does this mean for the women?

It means malaria treatment, access to family planning services, pre-natal care, emergency services, and treatment for minor illnesses which often become significant health concerns when basic healthcare services cannot be accessed early enough.

The impact of this coverage for TWB women is indescribable. Previously a service far out of reach, their work in the bakery has made access to healthcare a reality.

For $3.50 per person per year we can ensure that our bakers have access to basic healthcare coverage meaning healthier and happier employees, lower levels of stress, and healthier families overall.