Woman (and Man) of the Week—Natalie Hornsby and David Culver

This week, we celebrate TWB’s Natalie Hornsby and David Culver, who tirelessly, repeatedly and successfully showcased TWB as an entity worthy of attention and investment.

Over the last three months, The Women’s Bakery has created, refined, polished, submitted, presented and pitched our business model to a panel of judges. In January, Team TWB entered into a competition hosted by Washington University in St. Louis, the Social Enterprise and Innovation Competition. We entered on a whim and a wish, unsure that our international business would compel a St. Louis-centric panel. However, Team TWB rose to every challenge and secured a finalist position after each competition round. Of the 100+ social enterprises and nonprofits entered that into the competition, TWB was among a final 10, with a shot at securing a $25K grant. While TWB did not gain a grant, what we did gain greatly outweighs a monetary prize: a sound business model, solid presentations, and bulletproof team.   

Natalie and David have poured over this competition and their efforts show in spades. TWB has blazed to the forefront of attention in the St. Louis community and this is only the beginning. Because of their work, TWB stands poised and ready for growth.