Julie & Natalie Visit Bukoba!

On March 1st, we welcomed a special mother-daughter duo to Bukoba: Julie and Natalie Hornsby. After their cumulative 30+ hour journey, Julie and Natalie arrived in good spirits, bearing enough chocolate to rival any respectable duty-free store.

Julie and Natalie Hornsby are fundamental catalysts for TWB’s inception and expansion. I was introduced to Julie and Natalie in December 2013 after learning about their visit to Rwanda with Opportunity International. Our connection was immediate. Their shared passion for women’s empowerment mirrored my own and their enthusiasm to expand my bakery vision was motivating. “We’re in,” they said, breathing life into ideas and fostering tangible growth. Collectively, we began creating what is now The Women’s Bakery, L3C.   

Their commitment grew into this visit to TWB in Bukoba. For 3 days, Julie and Natalie contributed to the women’s training – Natalie planned and taught two Marketing lessons, rallying the women to create a BUWEA Women’s Bakery jingle for brand recognition, and Julie offered encouragement through bright smiles and praise. The Hornsbys watched the women independently bake various kinds of banana bread and shared in evaluating the tastes of each. 

The Hornsbys continue to go above and beyond the call to duty for TWB and their commitment – to TWB and, especially, to the women whom we serve – was exemplified by their physical presence in Bukoba. They’re walking their talk. Their journey to Bukoba was a testament to their pledge to work for women’s empowerment.

Thank you, Julie and Natalie, your personalized commitment is as inspirational as it is powerful.