Woman of the Week—Yulita

Yulita headshot.jpg

Yulita is a quiet presence in the classroom and bakery. 56 years old with 9 children, Yulita works hard to provide for her family. Due to a hand injury sustained while farming, Yulita spent the first few weeks of class diligently listening and soaking in the information. Though she was in pain, couldn’t actively participate in much of the baking process or write down notes during lessons, and traveled from a far distance, she still came to all of her classes and participated as she could. Now, with her hand improving bit by bit, Yulita is finally able to practice everything she has been watching. Yulita is patient, kind, and I’m excited to see her in action, with a fully healed hand, for all the dough kneading that is coming up!

Fun fact: Yulita shares a love for pili pili (the Kiswahili name for hot pepper) and often brings us some to spice up our lunch!