Woman of the Week—Happyness Roggers

Happyness’ nature is quite literally the definition of her name. She walks in every morning bursting with smiles and keeps right on all day long. Not only is she a bundle of positivity and smiles, but she is also a true and humble leader, quietly rallying the troops by example. Happyness is the first to jump into washing dishes and lighting the charcoal fires in preparation for baking, and the last to leave the kitchen when the day’s baking and clean-up is finished. She also attends 3 classes per week and has not missed a single one. Happyness is eager to learn in both the classroom and the kitchen, and has become something of a resident “keeper of the kitchen,” making sure that everything is in order from the arrangement of the tables to the freshly baked bread.

Fun facts: Happyness loves strong coffee, has 3 children, and is known to be particular about the amount of salt in her lunch :-P

Asante sana Happyness!