Ruth exemplifies the necessary connection between programs and impact. For real change, it is important to understand what we do – and why – and how we can do it better. Ruth helps TWB fill the gap; and her position with TWB was designed for TWB to continue to test, refine, and scale our programs.

Ruth Uwera was born and raised in Tabora, Tanzania. While she completed her primary studies in Tanzania, she shifted to Rwanda in 2003 where she completed her secondary education. Interested in opportunities outside of East Africa, she attended Annamalai University in India from 2010 to 2015. Her education was rigorous and intensive; she completed her first bachelor's degree, and subsequently, finished a master’s degree in Statistics with Computer Applications, and a second Bachelor’s Degree in Population Studies. Upon graduation, and prior to joining GHC, she concluded an internship with the Rwanda Ministry of Education. Her role focused on data analysis and database management.

With growing experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation, Ruth joined TWB’s team as the Global Health Corps Fellow, serving as TWB’s Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator. As M&E Coordinator, Ruth uses existing frameworks for data collection to maintain, enhance, collect, and analyze TWB’s impact data. Ruth focuses on TWB’s baseline surveys, pre-and posttests, follow-up surveys, bakery level metrics, and focus groups. Her analysis enables TWB to understand what level of impact our program has, and how TWB can innovate and iterate to meet the needs of TWB clients.

Ruth Uwera likes people, reading, watching movies, listening music and sports.