markey culver, MBA


founder & CEO

Markey views business as a medium - a solution-providing agency that consciously works for people, not exploitatively against them. Building bakeries has become her means to creating access to opportunity, namely financial independence and social empowerment, for women globally.

Markey is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Rwanda, 2010-2012) and recently graduated with her MBA from Washington University’s Olin Business School. A compelling orator and communicator, Markey has innovatively fused her educational background in communication with her unwavering commitment to bring access to opportunity – for all. Catapulting the launch of TWB, Markey bound her continued motivation to social enterprise through the simple mantra of, “we can, therefore we must.”

With a background in business creation and administration, technical training, and strategic communication, Markey leads TWB’s team with competence and zeal. Markey oversees operations, manages personnel, implements strategic partnerships in the US and abroad, and manages business development initiatives. Invested not only in the success of the women we work with and the bakeries we launch, Markey is a strong advocate for all TWB team-members and staff, ensuring that the work-place at TWB is one that is equitable, thriving, and supportive. 

Markey enjoys summers with her family on Lake Michigan, well-crafted prose, and heavy whipping cream.