tessa soni


gicumbi & ruyenzi program manager

Tessa believes that business development and leadership are crucial tools for women’s empowerment. She believes that investing in women from developing countries is essential in achieving development goals.

Tessa lived in China for 3 years where she completed a bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade. During her time in China, she was fascinated by how a country with more than a billion people runs and functions. This ultimately taught her one fundamental skill: the ability to see opportunities hidden in every challenge. Tessa was part of a multicultural team that was in charge of developing marketing strategies and content for an international language learning center. Prior to TWB she was the Operations Manager for an import company where she was overseeing the running of operations by managing the day to day activities of the business and liaising with other team members. 

Tessa is TWB’s Program Manager for the Ruyenzi and Gicumbi Bakeries. Her responsibilities include managing all aspects of business operations, overseeing staff, promoting a positive and collaborative work environment, and strives to encourage open communication and active listening.

Tessa is a food lover, who enjoys spending time with her family, and is always excited to travel to new places and discover new cultures.