Gicumbi launch

In the summer of 2018, TWB launched the newest bakery in Rwanda—Gicumbi. The bakery opened after months of developing relationships with local leaders, vetting participants, and conducing our training program.

The vetting process for this bakery was detailed, intentional, and designed by our own team members. Essentially, we were searching for women who not only could commit to working at the bakery, but who also needed gainful, sustainable employment the most. 

Today, the Gicumbi Bakery employs women both from Gicumbi and the nearby Gihembe Refugee Camp, providing opportunity to women who greatly need it. This is bread power.


march 2018

Planning for the Gicumbi training began in early 2018. Our team organized logistics, built community partnerships, and vetted trainee participants prior to launching the formal training program. Eventually, 18 participants were selected.


april 2018

Our extensive training program includes 180+ hours of nutrition, business, life skills, and baking curriculum. Trainees study both theoretical and practical lessons from our training team, and learn how to source for a bakery, grow markets, and practice sales.


april 2018

Program Manager Hilary and Training Manager Aime led training.

A site for the bakery was identified, large enough for a training center, bakery production and a café.


may 2018

The women first learned how to bake using small-scale dutch ovens. They practiced each step, mixing ingredients and learning how to assess when the bread has finished baking.


may 2018

The women learned about our specific hygiene practices, which include how to keep the facility clean and when to wash hands during work.


may 2018

The Gicumbi Training group was unique in that it includes some women from the nearby Gihembe Refugee Camp. This was our first partnership with Rwanda’s Ministry of Refugee Affairs and UNHCR.


june 2018

TWB also piloted two specific tracks within the training program: production and sales.

Women learned about each side of the business in a focused, detailed way, with specific lessons on these topics.


june 2018

The trainees visited the Kigali flagship to learn about bakery operations in real-time. They heard about the Kigali bakery employees’ experiences in inventory management, production, and selling.


june 2018

Suzanne, one of our long-time bakers at the Kigali flagship, also came to Gicumbi for several days to train women on marketing, sales, and other business practices.


june 2018

The group participated in a local expo to introduce bakery products to the community.


july 2018

In July, 13 women graduated. They received the official TWB uniforms (aprons and hats) and BOM Certificates.


july 2018

This is TWB’s 7th graduation, bringing our trained women total to nearly 100. Through education, we enable women to thrive through sustainable, gainful employment at bakeries. This is bread power.