Aurore kamikazi


kigali flagship cafe operations manager

Aurore is a community driven, empowered young lady whose passion has always been changing people’s lives and spreading the act of charity to the needy. Aurore strongly believes that women have a supernatural power within them which, can be manifested when women are given the right opportunity. She aspires to see women being confident and take the lead in fighting against poverty to build sustainable economies in their families and their nation. She specifically does this through her work with SEVEN United (S.U.N)

Aurore’s passion led her to pursue a Hospitality Management and Leadership degree from Akilah Institute -the only Institute for Women in East-Africa. In November 2018, she completed her degree which leant itself to a women-centric environment. There she spent her time working in the hospitality industry, NGOs and social enterprises developing her skills in leadership.

As the Kigali Flagship Café Operation Manager, Aurore is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations and management of Kigali Flagship space. Other responsibilities include managing daily café operations, monitoring product quality and consistency, and ensuring good customer care service delivery.

Aurore enjoys traveling and engaging with diversity. She feels happy when she spends her free time with friends sharing food or taking a reflection walk together in the evenings.