Rachel has an abiding passion for partnering with the local community to create innovative solutions to health challenges.

This passion for health access around the worldhas been the driver for much of Rachel’s educational and career development. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Rachel completed her Master’s of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Since graduating and focusing her career on public health, she has worked around the world to seek social justice and health equity for all. She has spent time in India working on health curriculum and nutrition training. She has worked in curriculum delivery in communities in Kenya. Now, Rachel lives and works in Kigali. Before TWB, Rachel worked with a maternity clinic providing free and dignified prenatal and postpartum care to low resource women in the same area of the city where are bakery is! Additionally, she spent time in a preschool offering one on one work with kids with special needs.

As the Nutrition Coordinator and a Global Health Corps Fellows, Rachel leads TWB’s nutrition and health programs. This includes developing and continuing the delivery of health promotion programs and nutrition curriculums to women’s groups, ensuring enrollment in health care for all TWB women, and creating additional nutrition-centric recipes as well as local partnerships to benefit TWB bakeries. 

Rachel loves to explore the “Land of A Thousand Hills” with her husband, play with her two puppies and indulge in the growing food scene that Kigali has to offer.