Heather believes that education is a right for all. Education – formal or informal – is a necessary medium by which we bring people, stories, communities, places, and opportunity together. When we learn together and henceforth, build relationships together, we can breed social change into action.  

Heather’s career in international education and development began in 2010, upon assisting the launch of a start-up school outside of Accra, Ghana, namely in co-designing pedagogy and instruction. Educating youth who could not afford to go to school, inspired Heather to join the U.S. Peace Corps in 2011 (Rwanda) as an Education Specialist. Heather taught English and led a girls’ empowerment club. Access to education, especially for women, was stunted in her community, and this prompted a life-long pursuit for gender equity, especially in the classroom. Since completing her service, Heather has consulted with Urwego, a microfinancing bank in Rwanda and worked in the finance sector in Denver, before joining TWB.

Heather brings energy and enthusiasm to her role as Director of Education & Development. She is responsible for all educational programming related to TWB, inclusive of curriculum and resource development. Heather builds resources related to our education initiatives, including manuals, student workbooks, curriculum listings, and training adaptations for the United States. Within her development role, Heather mobilizes TWB’s community through newsletter and content curation, strategic communications, donor relations, fundraising initiatives, grant-writing, and organizational administration. 

Heather loves writing, reading Maya Angelou poetry, roller-blading, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.